Tourist information / guide map / pamphlet digital version

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Tsumago-juku Guide mapThis is a guide map of Tsumago-juku and Otsumago area, and Naksendo trail from Tsumago-juku to Magome pass.
Midono-juku Guide MapThis is a general information map of Midono-juku. Explanations of spots, restaurants, etc. are introduced along with the map.
Mt. Nagiso Trekking Guide MapThis is a map of Mt. Nagiso trekking course.
※Japanese text only 
Nagiso Historical Trail Guide MapThis is a guide map of the historical trail, which is from Magome-juku to Nojiri Station via Tsumago-juku and Midono-juku. 
The trail from Magome-juku to Tsumago-juku is the Nakasendo, and from Nagiso Station to Nojiri Station is the Yogawa-road.
Kakizore Valley Guide MapThis is a guide map of Kakizore Valley and its surroundings.
※Japanese text only
Tadachi Waterfalls Guide MapThis is a guide map of Tadachi Waterfalls and its surroundings.
※Japanese text only
Momosuke BridgeThis is a Information leaflet of Momosuke Bridge, and other nationally designated important cultural properties and facilities in and around Tenpaku Park.
Inaji/Kisoji Trail GuideThis is a trail guide of trekking courses in Ina and Kiso area. You can see it in the electronic pamphlet.
※Japanese text only
Nagiso traditional woodturning “Nagiso Rokuro Zaiku”This is a brochure about the traditional woodturning in Nagiso called “Nagiso Rokuro Zaiku”.
※Japanese text only
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