In principle, we allow anyone to link to the Nagiso Tourism Association (hereafter referred to as “we”, “us”) website, with no requirement to seek prior approval by email, telephone, etc.

However, if a link to our website is deemed to be in any way inappropriate, said link may be removed.

When setting up a link to the Nagiso Tourism Association website, please ensure that the link makes its destination clear to users.

Additionally, please note that the contents of pages on our website are subject to change at any time. Thus, please avoid linking directly to specific content on our website. Please instead link to our homepage to avoid the possibility of broken links, or similar issues.

The contents (statements, views, copyright, etc.) of any websites not under the management of the Nagiso Tourism Association that are linked to from this website are the sole responsibility of the operator(s) of said website(s).

Please understand that the Nagiso Tourism Association neither takes responsibility for, nor endorses, the contents of any websites it may link to.

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